Philip Henkin

About Philip Henkin

Dr. Philip Henkin Neurosurgery AP has two locations: Brandon, Florida and Ruskin, Florida. Brandon Regional Hospital, South Bay Hospital, South Florida Baptist Hospital, HCA Florida Brandon Hospital, St. Vincent's Medical Center, and Doctors Hospital of Sarasota are among the hospitals with which he is affiliated.

Dr. Henkin's practice is notable for his rejection of fad surgeries in favor of evidence-based, results-driven care decisions. Furthermore, in a state with such a high number of retirees, Dr. Henkin's practice accepts the amount Medicare will reimburse as full payment.

Some conditions are too complicated for minimally invasive surgery. "Open" surgery may be required in the case of severe deformities or extensive damage. In general, this should be used only as a last resort after other treatments, such as physical therapy, braces, and even minimally invasive surgery, have failed to relieve pain or restore function. The following conditions may necessitate complex spinal reconstruction: Spinal tumors, spinal deformities, scoliosis, and degenerative disc disease are all possibilities.

Because this type of surgery is open, there is more variability and risk of complications during surgery. As a result, a skilled surgeon with extensive experience is the best option. Dr. Henkin has decades of surgical experience and advanced certifications, making him an excellent choice for complex reconstructive surgery.

Patients of Dr. Philip Henkin report a significant reduction in pain caused by a wide range of spinal conditions. Many lives were saved in many cases. This is proof that a top-tier education combined with over 20 years of experience results in an exceptional surgeon and optimal patient outcomes.